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This is Yuto. I'm not here at the moment, so leave a message.
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Shinki Info

CANON: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
VESSEL NAME: Shouki (翔器). 翔 (shou, tobu - to fly, to soar)
VESSEL FORM: Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon
POWER: Drain Strength - Yuto can temporarily weaken one enemy by draining their strength.
GOD: Hajime Ichinose (Neith)
CAUSE OF DEATH: Yuto scarified himself to save Yuya. When Yugo attacked, Yuto pushed Yuya out of harm’s way and took the hit himself.
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Application - The Far Shore

Player Information

Name: Ashka
Contact: [plurk.com profile] ashka_chan
Age: 25
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information

Name: Yuto
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V
Canon Point: episode 37, after he dies disappears and his soul fuses with Yuya’s
Age: 14
History: A boy from a world destroyed by dimensional war and... card games. (Please note that the Wiki page uses dub names)

Yuto is one of three counterparts of Yuya Sakaki, as well as a member of the Resistance from Xyz Dimension.

Dark, mysterious and cold - this is what you will probably think of Yuto when you meet him for the first time. He doesn’t speak much, unless to ask question. But if you’re the one asking questions, don’t expect that he’ll just answer them. He will be reluctant to even give his own name away. He’s wary, always keeps his distance if he can and scowls a lot. He's always serious, and when he duels you can tell that he does it only to defeat his opponent. He isn’t enjoying it, he doesn’t smile and he usually finishes his duels as quickly as possible. He seems as if he doesn’t even know how to smile or be happy, and the only emotion that can show on his face is anger.

...But none of that is actually accurate, because Yuto isn’t exactly as cold and angry as he initially may appear. In fact, once you get to talk to him properly you’ll find out that he is a good guy and that he can smile, even though all his smiles are usually somewhat sad.

Originally, Yuto lived peaceful in the city of Heartland. At that time dueling was just a game that was supposed to be fun, and we can assume that Yuto also enjoyed it. However, one day the city was attacked by the Fusion Dimension’s Academia. Heartland was destroyed and many people were turned into playing cards. Yuto witnessed that with his very own eyes and we can assume that from that point on he dedicated himself to fight off the invaders. The destruction of his beloved hometown changed him in many ways. He will never forgive Academia for what they had done to his home.

Yuto became a strong and determined member of Resistance, who focuses on his cause and firmly believes that no matter how small and unimportant they may seem to Academia, they will never give up and that their efforts are not in vain. He believes that one day they will take their comrades back and he shares that believe with his best friend Shun, as they both keep searching for Shun’s little sister Ruri. He seemed angered when Sora says that Yuto and Shun are runaways from Xyz Dimension that had been taken over by Academia. In answer to that Yuto states that Resistance hasn’t lost and that he and Shun didn’t run away, they came to Standard dimension in order to find a way to fight Fusion.

However it wouldn’t be right to say that Yuto is driven only by anger. There is also sadness and grief for what happened to his home.

And yet deep inside his heart Yuto doesn’t want to fight and wants nothing more but peace. He avoids fighting as much as it’s possible and duels only when he thinks he has no other choice. He shows mercy to his opponents, even if they are members of Academia, either by holding back or trying to make them surrender. For instance, in his duel with Sora instead of ending the duel by using both overlay materials of Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, he uses only one and gives Sora a chance to surrender. He also doesn’t want to continue the duel when he sees no reason to fight anymore. He still leaves the decision of whether to end the duel or not to his opponent. After Sora is sent back to Academia, Yuto doesn’t want to continue the duel with Yuya as they have no reason to fight (Yuya joins the duel to protect Sora and Yuto is Sora’s enemy). In his duel against Sawatari, after Yuto learns that Sawatari knows nothing about the Academia he wants to leave without ending the duel (but since Swatari still activates his trap before Yuto leaves, Yuto counters it with his own trap and wins). He doesn’t attack people mindlessly - he asks question first and then tries to judge whether or not someone is a threat or might know something. That being said, Yuto is more of a silent observer. He’s usually seen watching from the shadows. He doesn’t attack unless the other person wants to fight him. His reluctance to speak stems from the fact that he avoids involving people unnecessarily. He also stops Shun, when the other is acting too reckless.

There is one more reason why he doesn’t want to fight. He often says that “he doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore”, implying that he did hurt Ruri (according to what he says to Yuzu, but it is possible that he hurt more than one person) and now blames himself badly for it. As we can see in his battle against Yugo, Yuto was possessed by something, causing him to desire destruction and only when Yuya told him “you don’t want to hurt anyone”, Yuto comes to his senses. Because of that we can assume that he at some point in his past became possessed by the same force and as a result hurt someone.

However the attack on his dimension has been very traumatizing for him. When his soul ends up absorbed by Yuya we can see that his deeply rooted anger towards Fusion shows through Yuya on a few occasions. First one would be Yuya’s duel against Kachidoki Isao. It was a very violent duel as Yuya was beaten up by his opponent what triggered Yuto’s anger. Another time was when Yuya witnessed how Obelisk Force turned people into cards. This yet again triggered Yuto’s anger as Yuya saw his memories of Heartland when it was attacked by Academia. In both instances Yuya becomes possessed by Yuto’s anger and ends up terrifying his opponents and mercilessly defeating them. This “berserk mode” appears at other occasions as well, but another one that should be noted is during Friendship Cup in Synchro Dimension. At that time Yuto’s apparition asks Yuya if he can understand his anger. This hints that Yuto may not believe that a person who never went through the same suffering he did could fully understand his feelings. We still don’t know anything about the truth behind the Berserk Mode and so far it seems to be feeding on Yuto’s (and Yuya’s) negative emotions.

Another thing is that Yuto is shown to be very protective of people he cares about, going even as far as to sacrifice himself for their sake. When he duels Sawatari, he steps in to protect Yuzu, who he at first mistakes for Ruri. He duels, trying to make Yuzu stay away and later he is shown shielding Yuzu from the blast caused by the duel. Furthermore, even after the misunderstanding is cleared and Yuto becomes well aware that Yuzu can’t be Ruri, he still watches over her from afar. When Yuto is dueling against Yugo he constantly runs around to keep Yugo from attacking Yuya or tells Yuya to stay away. He also pushes him out of harm’s way, taking the fatal hit himself.

With how Yuto tells Yuzu that he wants her to survive even if she were to use Fusion to do that, we can see that he can be considerate of others. He also continues to support Shun even though they have completely different ways of doing things. When he stops Yuzu from interfering with Shun’s plans and tells her that he doesn’t want her to get hurt, she then asks him if he thinks it’s okay for Masumi to get hurt. He doesn’t reply, but from the expression he makes it’s easy to tell that he doesn’t think it’s fine at all. And yet, he doesn’t stop Shun, supports him and makes sure nobody interferes. Yuto will do what he believes has to be done, even if it goes against his ideals. In the duel with Sora, Yuto states that he will defeat Sora as a step for taking down the Academia. Even though he doesn’t truly want to hurt Sora, he still will do it if it means getting a step closer to saving his world and rescuing Ruri.

As a duelist, Yuto seems confident in his skills. In the duel against Sawatari he sets five cards in Magic/Trap Zone and doesn’t show any concern that he didn’t draw a monster card. He doesn’t appear worried even when all his cards are destroyed and when his opponent summons a strong monster. But of course, Yuto expected his cards to be destroyed. He is shown to be always a step ahead of his opponents and plays a rather defensive deck, as if always expecting that his cards will be destroyed. His confidence shows also when he faces both Sora and Yuya. He duels both of them at once, showing little reaction to Sora and later, when Sora is sent back to Academia, Yuto scarifies both his traps, leaving his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon unprotected and tells Yuya that they could continue this duel if he wishes to do so. If Yuya decided to continue the duel, Dark Rebellion would be destroyed, but Yuto didn’t seem concerned about that. He could probably continue the duel just fine even if his ace monster was destroyed. With that move, he also showed Yuya that there was no point in continuing the duel anymore.

Yuto has been fighting for a long time and that changed him and made him adapt. However, Yuto has never abandoned his ideals. Even though duels became a means to survive to him, he still believes that it shouldn’t be like that. He proves that when he gives his Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon to Yuya, telling him that he should duel to bring smiles to other people.

Physical - In terms of abilities Yuto has been shown to have almost ninja level skills as he is able to swiftly move around or perform agile jumps. He is also much stronger than he looks, being able to punch Shun strongly enough to knock him out and then carry him away.

Berserk - After summoning their dragons (Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon) in the duel against Yugo, both Yuto and Yugo start acting as if they were possessed by something. They eyes glow and they repeat that they have to destroy everything. Yuto comes back to his senses after he hears Yuya’s words, Yugo however recovers from this state only after the duel ends and everything starts to glow. This is the first time we witness this state in the series.

This berserk mode is so far one big mystery. It is triggered when two or more Dimension Dragons (that is Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon or Starve Venom Fusion Dragon) gather in one place. It is possible that Yuto and his dragon are triggering it, but so far we don’t know for sure. All we do know is that the four dragons must never gather in one place because once they/their users unite some great evil/darkness will be resurrected.

Overlay - While Yuto’s soul is absorbed by Yuya, there are many instances where Yuto’s emotions can be sensed by Yuya. During Berserk mode their consciousness mix together and Yuya sometimes sees Yuto’s memories, as well as feels his anger and grief. Unfortunately just like Berserk itself the true nature of this ability is currently unknown.

- loyal
- protective
- willing to scarifies himself for others
- considerate
- calm and collected

- overly serious
- aloof
- wary
- stern
- somber

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: I think Yuto is more suited to become a Shinki. Yuto is protective and can sacrifice himself for people he cares about. But more importantly, he would never want anyone to get hurt for his sake. In the series he was not nicknamed as “Knight-kun” for nothing. Even his deck is full of knights.
Cause Of Death: He scarified himself to save Yuya. When Yugo attacked, Yuto pushed Yuya out of harm’s way and took the hit himself.
Vessel: Black dragon - Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
Name Location: The kanji 翔 will be on his left upper arm. His name will be Shouki (翔器).
Power: Yuto will have Dark Rebellion’ ability:
Drain Strength - Yuto can temporarily weaken his enemy by draining their strength.

Writing Sample


His footsteps were barely audible, but then again, even if he stamped his feet he doubted anyone would notice him. It felt like he was invisible, but oddly enough it didn’t bother him at all. Maybe when he was still alive he didn’t like attention of other people. Maybe that was why he didn’t mind – no, actually he felt a little relieved that nobody seemed to notice him.

But even though nobody paid him any mind he still liked keeping himself close to the shadows, or looking at the world from up the rooftops. Almost like he just wanted to distance himself from the crowds of the streets. It was not like he didn’t like people. But then what was it? Why was he so wary?

He didn’t remember.

There were times when he would just lean against a wall, watching people in silence. At times like that he wandered if he was trying to remember what his life was like. Was he laughing while hanging out with his friends? Did he get along with his parents? What was he doing in his past time? What about his friend, family? Are they okay? Do they... miss him?

Yuto frowned to himself, stopping in his track. His eyes closed for a moment. There was no use worrying about the past now. He had things to do, he had people that were counting on him. That was what mattered the most now.

He began walking again, looking forward, expression cold and serious as always.

He had no doubt that one day he would remember everything. He just had to believe in that.

TMD sample


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This is Yuto. I'm not here at the moment, so leave a message.
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How's My Driving?

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