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This is Yuto. I'm not here at the moment, so leave a message.
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[ A message pops up in your inbox from an anonymous source. How strange! If you don't delete it immediately, you'll be greeted with an audio message that's quiet, at first. In fact, it's quiet enough that just in time for you to turn it up, it starts to speak. It sounds suspiciously like Xerxes Break if you know him, but at the same time, there's a totally stupid voice being used, since it's not like Break would send this message along. Emily, though? Of course. She's such a gossip. ]

Had an x-ray done today. Guess what they found? It was you, safely tucked away in my heart! They said my heart is fine with a friend like you in it. Send this to all the people you love and care for, because if you don't, then something preeeetty bad might happen to them! Heart failure is pretty serious~! Kehehehehehe!!!

(( ooc note ; break is sending this to literally everyone in the game, so I'm sorry... Feel free to figure out he caused it, since it's not like he's trying that hard to hide it. ))
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[Seriously? At a time like this, he hits the voicemail?]

Hey. It's IV. Call me back. [There's a pause, long enough to think that he's forgotten to hang up, until – ] It's about Yuya.
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[It's almost shocking how fast he gets a call back, but he shouldn't be surprised. They're diving right into business.]

I don't know, but he's not in a good place right now. Where are you?
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[Ugh, Yuto. He doesn't have all the details.]

We're outside. If it means anything, he has his goggles on.

[From obviously trying to hide.]
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I know. We'll be waiting.

[That's plenty conversation between the two of them for now. IV hangs the call, though he'll pick back up as soon as possible should Yuto need him again. For the time being, he's got Yuya to whom to tend.]
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[As if the day wasn't bad enough already, have a faintly distressed sounding BFF in your inbox.]

Ruri is here.
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[The reply is a bit muffled by the scarf that Shun's pulled up and by the sharp whistling of the wind, but it does nothing to mask Shun's agitation.]

I- She was here.

[Except that now she isn't and the blizzard has erased any and all trace of her presence.]

I lost track of her in the storm.
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[/insert closest landmark Shun has been able to make out in the blizzard]
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Yuuto, was it? I have... something very important I need to ask you about.
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Yuuya mentioned you are from Heartland, correct? I heard something related to that a little while ago... so I wanted to verify the accuracy of it.
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That Heartland was destroyed at the hands of a group called Academia.

[That's the gist of it, at least, but there's so many details she's missing.]

Please, I need to know what happened. What's going to happen. I need your account of things, as much as you can give me.

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[Backdated to roughly 7 hours after the end of the special CERES tours. His voice is low and pressed with worry and badly masked pain as he calls.]

Yuto? I think I might have done something stupid. Are you alright? Haha, please tell me you're fine...
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The Ceres Tour was a trap. I made it out somehow, but I'm not sure if everybody else did...

[A pause as he laughs and ends up chocking. After a few moments of coughing he returns and the sound of something falling followed by a muttered not-quite-curse.]

Sorry. Heh. I miss-reached and dropped my glass on the carpet. I'm home now, but I'm feeling sick and something's wrong with my right eye.
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[At first he wants to decline, but then Vector thinks of the gaping loneliness and how woefully unprepared for an attack it makes him feel right mow, so that he ends up Yuto just giving a tense nod in return.

When he arrives he'll be greeted by a curt 'come on in'. The insides of Vector's apartment has changed, displaying a mess of stuff that seems to have been torn out of place in search for something and only half-heartedly returned afterwards. Even the closet is open, showing a small collection of clothes that seem to range from a black leather jacket with a fluffy collar over Hartland standard school uniforms to a huge, clunky heap that's covered by a purple drape(?) on the floor of the closet. Next to it a good hundred cards are strewn carelessly.

The pitter-patter of water indicates that Vector is in the shower, but hasn't cared to close the door to the bathroom.]


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