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This is Yuto. I'm not here at the moment, so leave a message.
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are you there?
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hi hi! how are you?

nope! i was wondering if you wanted to go out for smoothies with me!
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why??? because its fun to have smoothies with friends. [Duh]
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G R E A T!!! Meet me near the park around 2pm??
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okie dokie!! see you soon! o vob

[ Hajime arrives at the park nearly right on the stroke of two. Her usual bounce is in her step as she wonders about the ares she told Yuto to met her. She is worried about him but smoothies should help a bit, right? Who didn't enjoy a good smoothie??]
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Yuto!!! Hiya!

[She immediately stops and skips over to him. Clearly excited to see the shinki despite all else.]

You got here fast. That's great though! The smoothie stand is just over there. It's really good!

[She points off to the right of them, in the distance is a small stand with a big sign hanging above reading 'Thirsty']
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[ aw don't be a kill joy, Yuto. Hajime blinks at his question but she doesn't seemed bother by it in the slightest, it was just a strange thing to ask.]

Yeah, I think pretty much everyone did. It was pretty hard to miss! Is it bothering you??
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I am worried about you! You're a friend! But worrying isn't the reason I invited you for smoothies. I've been meaning to since we first met! You strike me as a smoothie kind of guy! Strawberry banana maybe?

[ She giggles before reaching out to him and grabbing his hand. Her answer is an honest one. Hajime is direct about what she wants, dodging the bullet by asking to go out for smoothies isn't her style.]

Though! If you want a place to stay you can totally sleep over mine!Oh! Oh! It be like a supper party! You, Yuuki, Rise and me! We could eat sweets and tell stories!

[Though she is gently tugging him in the direction of the smoothie stand]

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I just thought so! Smoothies are a sweet treat but not overly! I thought you'd like something like that.

[The tugs are gentle much like her grip. She didn't want to drag Yuto around but its great that he moves along with her. It pleases her and gives her a sign that he doesn't mind too much]

Mmhm! She is but I donno how she is. I want to see her smile. It's really pretty.
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We'll find out together then! There are a lot of flavors! You just have to try something and see if you like it. Then you'll know, right?

[Simple logic, at least she thinks so. She didn't like that shinki didn't have memories but at the very least they could try and make new ones. Trying things, new or old, would do that.

She hums a bit, leading him to the smoothie stand but a little off to the side where they can look at the menu before ordering. Idly she swings there hands as her eyes look ahead]

She is smiling. But it's not her smile-smile. Yuuki-chan glows when she smiles, you know? She's still sad over Bo-san but the just means we have to do our best and let her know we're here for her as friends! You too Yuto!
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[ Hajime's gaze slides from the menu and over to Yuto once again. She remains silent for a moment before giving his hand a gentle squeeze and taking a step forward.]

Mmmmm....But I don't think Bo-san would want that. Even when you lose someone they'll always be with you in spirit cheering you on. I believe that! I bet Bo-san is does the same for Yuuki-chan no matter where she is.

[She reaches with her other free so she can grab his one hand with both of hers.] No matter how hard it is, you have to keep going and going and goin! You know? For that person and yourself! Yuuki-chan is strong! You are too, Yuto!

[ Despite her sappy words, they're genuine to what she thinks. She can't force that side out of either of them. She's trying her best with Yuuki, trying to cheer up the girl at ever chance she can get. Yuuki was one of the first people she met upon arriving. She knows what her smile looks like. Yuto, while he's much more of a mystery...it's still something she wants to see as well. But it's not something she can force. They have to be able to smile on their own.]

No matter how long it takes, I want to see you both smiles!

[Hajime slowly lets go of his hands, giving one more playful bounce before spinning around. Her arms are spread out as she turns, trying to mimicking that of spread wings before she points ahead at the colorful menu]

What catches your eyes?
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Maybe~. Maybe not! Who knows? But it's better then doing nothing at all, right? Doing nothing does nothing.

[Hajime keeps her eyes forward on the menu, always looking of whats ahead of her. Looking back didn't do anything for her. It was good to reflect on things but staying behind too long was never good. Everyone had a future so it was important to keep moving forward for yourself and your friends.]

Yuto, I don't understand you. Nope! Not at all! I don't know you that well. We've only met a few times but from what I do know.... What I've gotten to see, I do believe in you! Even if you think it won't help.

[She pauses for a second once she does finally glance back at him.]

I won't push you, you have to do things for yourself! There's more satisfaction that way.

[Her smile doesn't lose its brightness but her gaze does soften a bit. Again she gestures to the menu as she takes one more bouncy step forward]

I can give you suggestions but its up to you to pick what flavor you want! What will you pick?
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[Hajime doesn't seemed bothered by his words. They're honest and that's what she wants. He's not the first to say she's hard to understand. There are times were she wish she could be more clear with what she was trying to get through but maybe they could both understand each other with time. Everything took time!

She doesn't push and leaves things as they are but she does visibly perk up once he picks a smoothie and even gives him a small round of applause.]

Great! I'll double up on that one then.

[She winks to him, giving a small wave before skipping over to the stand. Holding up two fingers it's clear that she's ordering for both of them and with no line it isn't long before she comes skipping back over to Yuto]


[Hajime holds out the smoothie to him, straw already in place and ready to be enjoyed]

Say, Yuto. Have you explored around a lot? What's a nice place to go?

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good morning! I have a question!
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You're not busy right?

I wanted to know if you'd go on a date with me and Kuroro-kun! It'll be a lot of fun and it would mean a lot if you came!
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You read that right!

A date for Hajime, Yuto and Kuroro-kun! It'll be a lot of fun! R&R with friends!

Kuroro-kun is kuroro-kun! Tall, grumpy looking with really cool dark green...or maybe blue in the right light---Anyway! His hair has two colors in it and it's really fancy. He has really piercing yellow eyes that almost feel like they look into your soul! Oh! And a long high-fashion trench coat that fits him perfectly! It flows out at the bottom too! I donno how you get a trench coat to fit a body so well but he does it! Theres a red scarf Kuroro-kun wears to tie it all together.

You gotta know who he is, Yuto! Even if you just passed him by, Kuroro-kun sticks out just as much as you do! Unforgettable faces and style~! 10/10! A++! 100%
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Yeah, Kuroro-kun!

That was the plan!
In less you want to do something more?? ohmygodness--- But I'll leave that you two! Just let me know if you want some privacy.

[C'mon Yuto what are you even saying here. how scandalous]
So you'll come? You are coming right?
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GREAT!!! o vo b

I'll send you a text about the day and time in a little bit. I just have to smooth a few more things out.

This is going to be so much fun!