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I should... but I don't know if I can. I think I'm still kind of... in shock, you know? It's not just my legs changing... everything inside moved. My stomach is in knots. [To say the least.]

And you're back. I'm really happy about that. For a second, I thought it was like last time...
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Yeah... but it's more than that. Yuto suddenly showing up during something intense, it's actually... a lot like how it was when I was carrying your soul. It's kind of interesting.

[They really are drawn to each other. Though it may be the fatigue getting to him that's making him talk about this... he thinks about it a lot when he's around Yuto, but it's usually too weird to bring it up when he's the only one remembering.]
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Sort of. I mean, it did always get me out of the problem... but, I never remembered what happened. I think we combined, somehow, like both of us were controlling me. But...

During the Maiami Championship, Academia invaded, attacking duelists in the middle of the fray - they put the Knights of Duels into cards, and all of a sudden I saw your memories of Heartland - then it went black, and when I woke up my friends were holding me down. Four of them.

Mieru said she saw darkness in me. It was something separate from both of our souls, though...

[So, that's what he meant when he said he didn't want darkness. Painful and scary things happen when they combine, but he doesn't blame Yuto for them.]
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[He wanted to tell him more about the memories, but Yuya looks at a loss at that. He can see why Yuto would blame himself, but without remembering what happened, it's hard to know for sure. All he knows is that he never blamed him, so ... he'll just tell him what he's thought on for a while.]

How could it be? Even if you were in control, you don't want to hurt anyone... you wouldn't do anything bad. I trust you.

But that darkness.... I have no idea what it is or why it's there. For all I know, it was in my soul before all of that happened. There were a few weird things even before then, and things I couldn't remember. Like, I still don't have any idea where Pendulum Summoning came from. I don't know if you knew this, but everyone said I discovered it...

[He hopes that Yuto won't keep feeling guilty over this. That wasn't Yuya's intention at all.]

So if it's anyone's fault, it's probably mine - I'm sorry.