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I don't need a reason to make someone smile.

[A simple statement with a lot of weight being it. Sure, he's been through a lot of terrible experiences... But even before that, Hiro's always went above and beyond to make others laugh and be happy. Even if it was only a single moment to take some tension out of a bad situation.]

Just like how you don't need a reason to treat everyday like a funeral march. If you focus too much on the bad of everything, you're gonna miss out on the good stuff too.
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Of course I'm right! Sooooooo that bein' said~! ♪

[Despite his innocent appearances, Hiro could do some very gutsy and unexpected things. So he'll lean over to Yuto to put his hands on his cheeks and shift the sides of Yuto's mouth into an upward curve to form a smile.]

You better start showing some results, dude!
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Sorry, sorry. I couldn't help myself.

[And he'll pull away even if he thought that was pretty funny. There were plenty of other ways for sure...]

But hey! Consider it muscle memory training!
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I'll try not to! Only if it's really convenient and funny at the moment!
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Would you like a Top 10 list?
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Top 10 list! Or I can just dumb it down to one if you'd like.
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Okay! It's fun to watch serious people get into awkward situations! [HE HAS GOOD INTENTIONS REALLY.]
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[If any suspicions are being thrown his way, Hiro's looking horribly oblivious to them. Or he might just be ignoring them out right... It's hard to say what he's thinking sometimes.]

Sooooo... You got a name? Or do you want me to stick with "mysterious spiky-haired adviser"?
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I'm Hiro! [Jerking a thumb to himself.] Hiro Kageyama. Nice to meetcha!
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Maaaaaaaybe. ♪ I am quite popular and I do have many names, but the one I gave you is most certainly realish.

[Normally, this would be the part where Daichi cuts him to tell him to stop messing with the guy for kicks!]

I am a hero, though. There's no doubts about that.
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That's my name! Don't wear it out! [If you squint hard, you can see the pun. Hiro just can't help himself.]
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Haaah... Not much of a jokey person, huh? Well, I guess I can find you a gag book somewhere.

[It might help him more in social situations! ... He thinks.]

Though maybe I should work on my material.
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they're being so dramatic about this you nERDS

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I, the man Gongenzaka... [Ulp.] I will be fine! Moreover, we do not yet know how many others are also here; escape now, and if there are others on the way, do what you can--but otherwise, nothing will change!
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tHEY SHALL LIVE...i think

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[There is a curt nod, and with his focus turned to the 'artists', now is Yuuto's chance!

] I, the man Gongenzaka, give you my word..!
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[Um no Yuzu's books are totally weapons. That maaaay have morphed into mage-class spell tomes on entry. (Not that she knows the first thing about being a spellcaster though. It's not her type, so she hasn't noticed.) Instead, she screws up her brow as she continues walking.]

This is a dungeon, right? I wonder what level....

[It would be a problem if it was incredibly over their heads, but on the other hand, she kinda hates avoiding fights when it comes to games.]
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[ some people just weren't blessed with a backbone of steel, that's all. makoto continues staring about, eventually resting his eyes back on his companion with unconcealed trepidation. ]

Ah. That's just — ... it's nothing like how it was when I first arrived, though. It was a lot brighter then, too. But everything's so dark, and I wasn't anywhere near game equipment, so ... do you think this might be simultaneously happening to everyone right now?
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You weren't anywhere near the arcade or one of those simulation centers, right? It could be that it just malfunctioned and everything will return to normal in a few minutes.

[ he's betting all of his composure on paper-thin optimism, so his rationale sounds thin and sickly to him even before he voices it, but he's quick to follow yuto down the passageway, head hung low. ]

Did you hear something before this? I know I heard your footsteps, but I could've sworn I heard a growl coming from somewhere around here.
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We won't know until we try, right?

[ makoto's 5000% done with this??? when the passageway forks off, neither path appears particularly appealing in the slightest, so he keeps staring back behind him in expectation of the scenery morphing. vivid degrading, reality (as they knew it), manifesting and gaining precedence. when none of that occurs, he turns back to yuto, currently debating over the lesser of two evils, and grimaces. ]

None of this is making any sense, though. None of the monster in ViViD should be loading, even. We wouldn't be in any harm from them, anyways. They're not real.

[ the uncertainty suffusing his tone, however, tells a different tale. ]
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[ even in accounting for his pessimism, makoto is taken aback by yuto's composure throughout the entire affair. even at the threat of monsters, he's completely placid, which works in tandem to disconcert and guilt makoto in turns. ]

Thank you. It really means a lot that you'd say so. I know I can be a little melodramatic. You're ... really good at staying calm, huh?

[ melodramatic being the signifier for arbitrary panic attacks the further they proceed, but at the moment, he's assuaged enough to dip his head to a slow nod. ]

That'd be a good idea. If we stick toward one side, we should eventually reach some sort of exit, right? I guess we shouldn't loiter around for too long.

[ spirits renewed, he falls in pace beside yuto, keeping his sight pinned on the scenery directly ahead of them. ]
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[What a fun light show! It looked like they wouldn't have any problems with this... At least that's what Hiro had thought.

Some of those zombie mutts weren't stupid. There was a pack waiting as the two monsters were attacking and distracted and they were running towards Yuto and Hiro. If the were the alphas of the pack, then they needed to be taken down.]

--Look out! Dog squad at 5 o' clock, Yuto!
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[Hiro's eyes widen in surprise at the sight of the duel disk malfunctioning... He thought that they would be there until Yuto was knocked out or the monsters were "killed" in battle. In any case, there's a moment of relief as the ghost dogs were taken out. However, there's one last one... A much bigger dog with three heads steps out of from the shadows and lets out a low growl.]

He must be the head honcho of the pack. [He'll glance over to Yuto.] Are you going to run or stay here?

[From the determined light in his eyes, Hiro planned on fighting. If he let that thing go, then it might have attacked the people back in the train. Then there was the tightening sensation in his chest. The thrill of the fight, the challenge ahead... He wanted to test his own potential against that thing.]
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Maaaan... Now I gotta eat my own words for breakfast.

[But there's a firm nod as Hiro walks forward and tightens his fist. Flames flared up from between his fingertips. A confident smile forms on his lips as he pats Byakko.]

Protect our friend there, buddy! I'll be more than enough to handle that thing.

[Byakko lets out a dissatisfied huff as he approaches. It wasn't the fact that he was giving the job to protect Yuto, but the fact that Hiro was letting the fighting for survival go to his head again. With that, Hiro will rush to the three-headed dog and start firing off some fire spells. Byakko will be giving side commentary in the meantime.]

Master is a strange human. Even in the face of death... He laughs and treats this like a game.