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[Despite the fact that he still doesn't approve of skydiving, Yuto has to admit that one good thing came out of this. No, the cake doesn't make anything better, but it's still nice to have Yuya prepare one for him.

But Yuto just doesn't want to stay in his room and wait while Yuya makes the cake. The dark duelist heads to the kitchen, wondering if there is something he can help with. His footsteps are quiet, he's too used to walking as silently as possible, so Yuya might not even notice he's there. He looks around as if making sure nobody can see him. Yuzu isn't at home now, so without thinking too much about it, he walks close to Yuya and wrap his arms around the other's waist, hugging him from behind.

Hopefully he didn't startle his twin.]
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[Thank goodness Yuya was not holding an egg because it would have exploded in his hand when Yuto sneaks up on him. Instead, he jolts under the sudden touch, head turning quickly to glance over his shoulder, and then he finally relaxes when he realizes it's his twin. He's known that Naruto's broken in before, so he has a right to that spooked automatic reaction.]

Geez, you scared me! [Yuya takes a deep breath as one of his hands settles on top of Yuto's arms to keep them there rather than push them off. It's lightly dusted since he's already poured the flour into a mixing bowl.] Be glad I'm not working with a knife...and that didn't headbutt you.
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[That 'apology' makes Yuya's skin tickle from the contact, but there's a playful smirk growing on his face in response. Help? Yeah right. This feels more like a distraction, and he completely approves of it.]

Hmmmm...Nah. This is for you anyways. [Yuya leans back momentarily, making sure not to hit his head against Yuto's as their cheeks brush.] I've gotten pretty good at baking, so I think I can handle this.
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No way! [Yuya's not ready to part either.] I guess you can help me pour things when I have to use the mixer. It'll be less messy that way.

[And yeah, he bought a cheap mixer since he's been on and off baking. He'll go back to pouring the sugar, salt, baking soda, and baking powder that he had measured out into the bowl with the flour.]

Actually, there should be eggs in the fridge. You can either crack open four or stay right there and talk to me. [He'll have to remove his hand from Yuto's arms in order to mix what he has so far so that it's all evenly distributed.]
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